About Cavtat

Cavtat is the largest and the only urban centre in Konavle that has been built up deliberately. It is located on the peninsula of Rat, which surrounds the well protected and accessible bay together with the peninsula of Sustjepan. In its harmonious architecture, the centuries-old natural, spiritual and material affiliation to the Dubrovnik Republic can be observed.

8th European best destination in 2019.

In competetion of 20 “must-see” destinations in Europe, on the 8th position, with 26,943 votes, Cavtat was voted among the 10 best destinations to visit in Europe! Results: 1. Budapest, 2. Braga, 3. Monte Isola, 4. Metz, 5. Poznan, 6. Malaga, 7. Geneva, 8. Cavtat, 9. Bratislava, 10. Sainte-Maxime, 11. Dinant, 12. Athens, 13. Kotor, 14. Riga, 15. Florence, 16. Paris, 17. Berlin, 18. Vienna, 19. London, 20. Brussels


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